FAQ – (Fake Asked Questions – they are neither asked nor frequent. That makes them not even real questions. It’s easier to pretend they are, that’s all). Numbered in degree of importance:

1. What’s the difference between a violin and a fiddle?

There is no difference. “Violin” comes from Old Italian and “fiddle” comes from Old  English. It’s the same instrument. Currently, depending on the music and my mood, I play a four-string acoustic, a Frank Daniels five-string acoustic, a five-string acoustic with an electric pickup, a John Jordan five,six,or seven-string solid-body electric. The one I play the most is the Jordan six-string. They are all violins or fiddles. If you’re talking about them it’s good enough for me.


1.  Who thought up the brilliant name, alittlebitoffiddle, for this site?

The name was suggested to me by Alexander Nelson when I needed a name for a website. All I was coming up with at the time was pssstwannahearaboutmyviolinplaying.com and heylookaviolin.com. Alex has a way with words as well as melody – he is one of the top singer-songwriters of his generation. Go to the Alexander Nelson  Musician Page and the Walking Spanish Facebook Page


1.  I really really want to hear what you sound like. Where can I go? I don’t want to go to a live gig because what if I don’t like it? I would have to awkwardly leave and I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings (but I don’t want to stay and have to listen when I don’t want to, either).

So what’s your YouTube channel?  Thank you. I really really appreciate it.

Go to my YouTube page. And thank you for being a nice person. But you will like my music. I do.